Reuters: Our World Now

Reuters: Our World Now

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A year in the life of our world—2007 remembered in over 350 powerful photos.

Reuters photojournalists are continually bearing witness to events as they circle the globe. They submit some 1,500 photos a day, creating an annual archive of over half a million images. This award-winning work pushes the boundaries of what news photography is and can be.

Reuters: Our World Now draws upon this unparalleled resource to document a year in the life of our vibrant, troubled, beautiful planet. It offers a fresh take on the year's most memorable events, along with plenty of surprises and less familiar stories. The book's images cover the full range of news reporting—politics, commerce, conflict, the environment, accidents and disasters, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity, and lifestyle. Succinct captions summarize the story behind each picture.

Sometimes funny, sometimes devastating, always enthralling, these photographs encompass the fantastic diversity of trends, moods, and stories that defined 2007. They represent some of the finest photojournalism of our times. 350+ color illustrations.

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