Reuters: Our World Now 4 (Fourth Edition)

Reuters: Our World Now 4 (Fourth Edition)

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"A stunning summary of the past year that captures the full range of life."—The Independent

The fourth edition of Our World Now captures the key events from 2010 in more than 350 powerful photographs. Organized into four sections that represent the four quarters of the year, the images cover the full range of global reporting: politics, commerce, conflict, the environment, natural disasters, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity, and lifestyle. The photos offer a fresh take on the year’s most memorable events as well as plenty of less-familiar stories.

The completely new collection of images features special in-depth photo essays from around the world, many of them created by local photographers with unique access and insight. The book provides an indispensable visual record of our times. 360 full-color and 10 black-and-white photographs

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