Songs from the Arc of Life

Songs from the Arc of Life

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1A. Ave Maria

1A. Lullaby (Wiegenlied, Op. 49, No. 4)

1A. Songs My Mother Taught Me (from "Gypsy Songs", Op. 55, No. 4)

1A. Papillon, Op. 77

1A. Tango Jalousie

1A. I. Vanitas vanitatum (from "Five Pieces in the Popular Style", Op. 102)

1B. Was it a Dream?, Op. 37, No. 4

1B. Après un rêve, Op. 7, No. 1

1B. Salut d'Amour, Op. 12

1B. Prelude No. 1 (From "Three Preludes")

1B. Romance for Cello and Piano

2A. La Gitana

2A. Il bell'Antonio, Tema III

2A. The Swan (From "Carnival of the Animals")

2A. The Wounded Heart, Op. 34, No. 1 (From "Elegiac Melodies")

2A. Valse Sentimentale, Op. 51, No. 6

2B. Louange à l'Éternité de Jésus (From "Quartet for the End of Time")

2B. Beau Soir

2B. Ave Maria, Op. 52, No. 6 (Ellens Gesang III from "Ein Fräulein vom See")

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