Storm: The Awesome Power of Weather
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Storm: The Awesome Power of Weather

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Step inside Infinity Storm and find yourself in the eye of the hurricane. Discover why wind spins itself in to a frenzy of catastrophic destruction; explore people's superstitious fear of evil spirits in the thunderclouds; learn what creates a firestorm and how dust storms and sandstorms are formed; read a scientist's first-hand account of daring work taming hurricanes; and image yourself as a storm chaser tracking down an unpredictable tornado. --Delve deeper in the science of weather and take the challenge with the included computer game Infinity: The Quest. Test your skills and knowledge with this interactive game that leads you through seven challenging puzzle levels until you reach the ultimate goal--the heart of the storm. --The Infinity series delivers an absorbing, exhilarating learning experience that will capture the attention of even the most reluctant reader. These books present interesting facts and amusing trivia through photography, beautiful illustrations, and narratives. Interactive features, such as fold out posters, gatefolds, and flaps help readers experience significant things and events in a meaningful, hands-on way. The books are just the beginning!

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