The Battle of the Bulge
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The Battle of the Bulge

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The Battle of the Bulge, fought in the snows of the Ardennes forests in December 1944 and January 1945, was the greatest land battle waged by the US Army in the twentieth century. Official history remembers the victory as a solely American triumph, but Charles Whiting uncovers fresh new evidence to the contrary. For political reasons, no mention was ever made of the crucial British involvement in this battle: against a total news blackout, British XXX Corps suffered 2,500 casualties fighting a decisive action which halted the German drive to the river Meuse. The British role in the Battle of the Bulge simply does not exist on paper. 'The main reason for adopting a low key in referring to the British contribution was political,' said Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Using eyewitness accounts from British, American and German soldiers and Belgian civilians, Charles Whiting sets the record straight, telling the true story of the role the British played in this key battle, and the hard fighting and suffering they had to endure.

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