The Chicken: A Natural History
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The Chicken: A Natural History

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In September 2009, The New Yorker magazine ran a feature proclaiming the chicken as the new "It Bird." The article celebrated the return of the backyard chicken and found in it the perfect convergence of economic, gastronomic, and emotional matters of the moment. It is certainly true that in the last few years, chickens have undergone an image makeover so astonishing that it should be studied by marketing consultants. The Chicken is a timely, encyclopedic, science-based study that offers a true understanding of the species, reclaiming it from its commercial status as a mere egg and meat provider. High-quality photography, illustration, and info-graphics combine with engaging and authoritative text to create an accessible reference title for the general market. Topics include anatomy, development biology, ancestry, breeding and origins, and a comprehensive look at chicken behaviors. Boxed asides are included throughout, relating the scientific detail to the practicalities of chicken husbandry. The books final chapter is devoted to a beautiful visual study of the characteristics of particular breeds, providing quick-reference information on their origins, particulars and appearance.

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