The Darts Bible (Bible (Chartwell))
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The Darts Bible (Bible (Chartwell))

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From its humble origins as an offshoot of archery around the 15th century, the game of darts has enjoyed a long life and, in the past 100 years, a growth in popularity so remarkable that its organizers are campaigning for its inclusion in the Olympic Games.

This book ecompasses all aspects of this simple game that demands remarkable precision and agility of mind from its competitors.

  • Instructions for beginners on how to start playing the game, how to select the right darts, plus tactics and tips to help improve scoring and competitiveness for the more advanced player.
  • Has an extensive section devoted to the many and varied different games that can be enjoyed by players of all levels, with simple explanations of how each works.
  • The history of darts, past to present, and the development of the professional game. Plus a look at the worldwide appeal of darts.
  • Color illustrations throughout.

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