The Eternal Life Awaits You!

The Eternal Life Awaits You!

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You are an intelligent person... One who reads, thinks, and wants to understand the meaning of life... Your mind just won’t settle down... You have questions, interrogations... 

You don’t want to be just anyone.You ask "Who em I? Why am I in this world, Where am I heading, What will happen after death?" 

You can’t live without thinking... You can’t stop the voice of your heart... I know, sometimes you can’t even fit into this world... The wings of your heart touch the skies... You believe with all your heart that en eternal life ewaits you... 

You need a book, which talks in your language, that hes answers for all your questions, a book, that "is as free as you".... What do you say, it seems to me that we could be good friends...

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