The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone?
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The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone?

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Founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge, The Federal Trust has long made a powerful contribution to the study of federalism and federal systems.
The Federal Trust has become an important resource of expertise on the European Union and its publishing has for many years informed politicians and policy makers world
Is Turkey ready for the European Union, and is the European Union ready for Turkey? Turkey is making great progress in internal modernization and engagement and has come to adopt a moderate Islamic government, whose actions Europeans and others in the West are watching keenly as a possible future model for countries in the Middle East, but the key political and emotive question is whether "Europe" can include a Muslim giant? Are Europe and Islam compatible? Does Turkey's future lie as a potential member of the European club or instead as a mere privileged partner? This book is a multi-disciplinary attempt to illuminate the dimensions of the challenge from different perspectives. Its contributors include academics and analysts, politicians and practitioners from Turkey, Europe, and around the world.

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