The Rules of Poker
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The Rules of Poker

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The authoritative and definitive new rule book from the International Federation of Poker. The Rules of Poker is the long-awaited, unifying international rule book for tournament poker and procedural variants from Texas Hold 'Em to Seven-Card Stud, draw and cash games. The book also features instructions on how to play an exciting new version of the world's most popular card game: Match Poker. For those looking to improve their skill, it includes a question-and-answer section, which covers a wide range of situations from speech play to a fouled deck, and an in-depth glossary. Edited by David Flusfeder, Chairman of the International Federation of Poker's Rules Committee, in collaboration with a number of high-profile poker players and tournament officials including James McManus and Thomas Kremser, The Rules of Poker is the definitive rule book for every poker player from novice to seasoned professional.

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