The Undisciplined Horse
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The Undisciplined Horse

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The author of The Undisciplined Horse was a veterinarian, a leading judge, and an accomplished horseman. While he understood the need for discipline, he believed that all training should be based on a real understanding of equine psychology.

Readers of this book will appreciate that as well as providing constructive, common-sense advice on how to deal with unwelcome behaviour such as kicking, shying, napping and bucking, explanations are also provided as to why it happens, giving invaluable insight into the horse's character, instincts, and thought-processes.

The content is wide-ranging and covers not only everyday behaviour problems likely to be encountered in stable, field, while travelling, and hacking out, but also all types of schooling and training difficulties.

This book is every owner's guide to understanding and solving vice,, disobedience, behavioural, and training problems in the stable, field, and under saddle.

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