The Well-Dressed Woman's Do's and Dont's

The Well-Dressed Woman's Do's and Dont's

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Twenty-first century fashion advice is nothing if not confusing. Bombarded with contradictory information from TV celebs and glossy magazines, how are we supposed to know just what to wear? Well wonder no more, because fashion expert Elise Vall e's little book The Well-Dressed Woman's Do's and Dont's is back in print after 80 years. For the thoroughly modern girl, Vall e advocates a Parisienne sense of style. From undergarments to frocks and hats, no item of the wardrobe is left unexamined. After perfecting your 'Mannequin' with the aid of the French elastic belt, she then divulges the Frenchwoman's secret of 'cheating', where the fashion of the day is adapted by the wearer to make it more becoming. But she doesn't stop there, Vall e is concerned that any woman who wants to make a really good appearance should not neglect the proper care of the face and hair. From cold cream to indelible lip colouring, Vall e will help you avoid a vulgar fa ade. Invaluable reading, after completing The Well-Dressed Woman's Do's and Dont's, you too will be able to say 'I have arrived, as near as it is possible, to Perfection of Appearance'.

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good, short book... Nice

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