Tyrannosaurus Sue (The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T-Rex Ever Found)
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Tyrannosaurus Sue (The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T-Rex Ever Found)

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In 1990 the skeleton of a battle-scarred Tyrannosaurus rex matriarch was found in South Dakota. This book describes the custody battle that ensued, providing a provocative look at academic versus commercial science., Over 65 million years ago in what is now South Dakota, a battle-scarred Tyrannosaurus rex matriarch -- perhaps mortally wounded in a ferocious fight -- fell into the riverbed and died. In 1990 her skeleton was found, virtually complete, in what many have called the most spectacular dinosaur fossil discovery to date.And then another battle began -- a "survival of the fittest" free-for-all involving commercial dinosaur hunters, gun-toting law officers, an ambitious federal prosecutor, a Native American tribe, jealous academics, an enterprising auction house, major museums, and corporate giants, all making their claim for the dinosaur named Sue. Before it was over, there would be claims and counterclaims; charges of checkbook-polluted science, criminal larceny, and vengeful prosecutions; and devastating prison terms. And the gavel would come down on the largest-ever ($8.36 million) auction price tag for a fossil, paid by Chicago's Field Museum, with help from Disney and McDonald's.Capturing the whole range of characters and issues embroiled in the fight for Sue, Steve Fiffer communicates both the excitement over Sue's discovery and the motivations, maneuverings, and absurdities of the various forces attempting to control her destiny., The discovery - "It must be a T. rex"; the preparation - "never, ever for sale"; the raid - "you better get out of here, Pete"; the investigation - "like taking a Howitzer to a fly"; the custody battle - "who owns Sue?"; the decision - "is a dinosaur land"; the appeal - "Jurassic farce"; the charges - "you can indict a ham sandwich"; the wait - "negotiations are under way"; the trial - "I kept waiting for something to happen"; the acquisition - "the hope diamond of fossils".

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