Viva Italia: 180 Classic Recipes

Viva Italia: 180 Classic Recipes

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Sunshine, warm winds, the blue Mediterranean sea, the scent of orange flowers and herbs, and good, simple, seductive food. Over the course of twenty years of trips to Italy, husband and wife Thomas Tengby and Ulrika Tengby Holm gathered impressions, recipes, knowledge, and stories about Italy's culinary culture, from the Alps in the north to Sicily in the south.

A testament to the region's incredible culinary richness, Viva Italia offers more than 180 classic recipes for appetisers, pastas, grilled fish, meat dishes, irresistible vegetables, and sweet desserts, from ice cream to almond cakes

Along with sumptuous photography, the book also includes a useful glossary of ingredients, as well as a guide to the specialities of each region and reflections on the art of cooking and eating in Italy. Learn about the role of food in Italian life, what a typical meal consists of, techniques for proper cooking, wine, and even the best music to cook to La dolce vita - the sweet life.

You don't have to live in Italy to experience it!

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