When the Circus Comes to Town
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When the Circus Comes to Town

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Stuck in bed with pneumonia, Ivy is delighted when the new neighbours arrive. And they are even better than she could have hoped, for the Halibuts are circus-people! Alfred Halibut is as dreamy and imaginative as Ivy herself, and she feels she has a real friend at last. The Halibuts are so happy in Springfield that they tell the rest of the circus - who move in, too. Soon the town has a snake lady taking her cobra for walks, and a troupe of acrobats whose ambition is to collect garages. The people of Springfield are not happy, and a perfectly polite anti-circus campaign is spreading through the town. Unless Ivy and Alfred can make everybody see sense, Ivy's new friends will be forced to leave - she's not letting that happen without a fight...

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