Where to Watch Birds in World Cities
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Where to Watch Birds in World Cities

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This is the first birder’s guide to sixty cities of the world. Designed and written for the bird enthusiast who is traveling for reasons other than birding—on business, with family, for academic conferences—the book offers assistance in locating birds, identifying local bird residents, and using public transportation. Where to Watch Birds in World Cities deserves a permanent place in the suitcase or briefcase of anyone who would like to make the most of limited time in an unfamiliar city by learning about the local birds.
Entries for each of the sixty cities provide an introduction to the city and detailed information on major bird-watching sites, including lists of typical summer and winter bird residents and migrants and directions for getting to the sites using public transportation. The book is illustrated throughout with maps and attractive line drawings. In no way a replacement for detailed guides to specific cities or regions, this book instead fills an important gap for travelers whose birding, though done on short notice, can nevertheless prove delightful.

Some cities included in this guide: Milan   Toronto   Mexico City   Tokyo   Los Angeles   Taipei   Lima   Singapore   Kampala   Shanghai   Hong Kong   Dublin   Copenhagen   Seattle   Chicago   San Francisco   Caracas   Rome   Cape Town   Rio   Buenos Aires   Paris   Boston   New York   Berlin   New Delhi   Zurich   Amsterdam   Nairobi   Warsaw

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