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  • Le grand livre Hachette de la Plongée

    Sert Kapak
    Un livre pratique et d'inspiration destiné aux débutants amateurs de plongée sous marine mais aussi passionnés par les fonds marins (faune et flore). Un ouvrage qui répertorie tous les aspects de la plongée : théorie, pratique, sécurité, conditions physiques, équipement, formation et fait rêver le lecteur avec des chapitres réservés à la découverte des fonds marins (descriptif faune et flore, notions pour photographier sous l'eau, sites de plongée à explorer...
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  • Protest Graffiti Mexico: Oaxaca

    Sert Kapak
    On October 27, 2006, when Mexican police opened fire on a crowd of protesters in the city of Oaxaca, killing three people, including American journalist Brad Roland Will, the world became aware of a social conflict that at its core was about the right to an education. Within hours of these shootings, graffiti calling the region's governor a murderer was sprayed throughout the city. Unlike in other cities where graffiti is recognized as a form of public art, in Oaxaca, graffiti became a way of achieving social justice through community organization. And because teachers in Mexico are primarily women, the graffiti is very much inspired by and made by women. Shot by Elaine Sendyk in 2007, the photographs in this book depict oppression, empowerment and the messages of struggle and revolt.
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  • The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pro

    Karton Kapak
    Tackles the most important side of digital photography - how to take pro-quality shots using the same tricks top digital pros use. This book shows which button to push, which setting to use, when to use them, and nearly two hundred photographic "tricks of the trade". Each page covers just one trick, one concept that makes your photography better.
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  • You Can Draw: From Pencil to Pastel in 15 Easy Lessons

    Karton Kapak
    Learn to draw in just 15 simple and fun lessons! This essential guidebook pairs easy-to-follow instructions with carefully planned lessons to lead you through the process of creating unique artwork. Capture still lifes, landscapes, and family portraits in no time!
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  • Window Style: 500 Inspirational Ideas for Curtains, Blinds and Fabrics

    Karton Kapak
    Windows form a focal point in most rooms. Walk into an empty room, and your eye is instantly drawn to the windows. Decisions about what window treatment to choose are often based on practical considerations: the function of the room in which they are situated, the architectural style or shape of the window, the style and colour of other furnishings within the room, the choice of materials available - and, of course, your budget. Window Style looks at some of these issues and shows that by carefully considering them, you can choose a style that will suit your window, your home and you. The book demonstrates the myriad styles available today by dividing them into eight distinct chapters: contemporary, classic, eclectic, romantic, rustic, retro, global and children's rooms. In each of these chapters there are detailed suggestions for adapting your preferred style to fit different shapes and styles of windows - so that, whatever the architectural style of your home, you will discover how to achieve your chosen look. Gina Moore originally trained in fashion design. She has more than 15 years experience in soft furnishing and has written four books on the subject. She runs her own soft furnishings company in London and specialises in using natural and organic fabrics.
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  • Wild at Heart: Man and Beast in Southern Africa

    Sert Kapak
    Reprising the years-long, in-depth collaboration that produced much of National Geographic magazine's coverage of southern Africa, award-winning photographer Chris Johns and veteran foreign correspondent Peter Godwin present this important critical exploration of the region's myriad facets and its collisions between tradition and modernity, conservation and development, and people and animals. In evocative photographs and accompanying anecdotal text, Wild at Heart crisscrosses southern Africa—from the Kalahari Desert and Drakensburg Mountains to the Skeleton coast and Zambesi River—to reveal its diverse populations and wildlife and highlight their often unacknowledged interdependence. Johns's superb photographs of wildlife, including cheetahs, rhinos, and elephants, and his sensitive portraits of Himba pastoralists, San Bushmen hunter-gatherers, Zulu farmers, and other populations are combined with Godwin's passionate, lyric stories that both entertain and enlighten. The result is a finely detailed yet panoramic image of southern Africa that underscores the indissoluble connections between all its elements and speculates on the prospects for a future based on understanding those connections. Beautifully presented in a unique, oversize format with a top-opening spine that allows gallery-quality presentation of the images, Wild at Heart is destined to become a classic.
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  • Wild Open Spaces: Why We Love Westerns

    Sert Kapak
    Love Westerns? Then smile, pardner! Pop culture expert Yardena Rand has interviewed over 1,000 Western fans who represent an audience 57 million strong in America alone. With hundreds of fans quoted, she takes a first-hand look at the enduring power of the myth of the American West, showing the diversity of the audience, why Westerns continue to have such pull, and top fan favorites.
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  • Treasures of the Bee Gees

    Sert Kapak
     “Stayin' Alive” is not just the name of one of the Bee Gees' greatest hits: it's the perfect description of their timeless, always-popular music. The band has enjoyed worldwide record sales of close to 200 million--including Saturday Night Fever, the world's best selling soundtrack. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and awarded CBEs in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to music, the Gibb brothers have known tragedy as well as success. Treasures of the Bee Gees tells their amazing story in words, photographs, and 20 pieces of hands-on facsimile memorabilia.  Memorabilia includes:- Program for the Bee Gees and Procol Harum concert, 1968- Bath Pavilion poster for “The B.G.'s,” 1968- Ultra-rare souvenir program from the band's first UK appearance, 1968- Box office poster: Cow Palace, 1968- Backstage pass from 1974 tour- Polaroid photos of every Bee Gee- Rare unused ticket from Texas show, 1977- Russian advertising flyer for Robin Gibb and the Bee Gees, 2000s.
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  • The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock 'n' Roll Rivalry

    Sert Kapak
    (Book). Two of the world's pre-eminent music journalists tackle the liveliest debate in rock history: which band is the greatest ever The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? More than two dozen topics of debate are addressed, with cases being made both for the lads from Liverpool and rock's proto bad boys. From the Cavern and Crawdaddy clubs through head-to-head comparisons of specific albums (e.g. Exile or The White Album ?), members' roles within the bands, the Svengali-like managers, influential producers, musical influences, and more, this is the book that dares confront the topics over which fans have agonized for years. Illustrated throughout with photography and memorabilia.
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  • Swim! Best of Pool Design

    Karton Kapak
    From Olympic training pools to relaxing spas, child-friendly swimming complexes to private bathing facilities, this area offers a diversity of function matched only by the architectural diversity showcased in this volume. The demand in each case is met by contemporary and innovative designs that explore the medium of water as both a powerfully creative and a calming force. Swim! Best of Pool Design introduces a global array of private and public pools, many representing daring experimentation with location, form and material, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality in the design of distinctive and sophisticated facilities.
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  • Start-to-Finish Sheds & Gazebos (Ortho Books)

    Karton Kapak
    Sheds and gazebos provide more than storage and sitting areas. They add to the beauty of a yard. This book shows how to build backyard structures that are as attractive as they are functional.Complete plans with step-by-step instructions:Materials listsPrecise dimensionsComplying with codesHelpful suggestions:Landscape compatibilityModificationsBuilding basicsTool tipsPractical projects for do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels:Inspired by need Designed by professionalsTested by do-it-yourselfersSheds and Gazebos addresses all the important issues: Landscape compatibilityTrim styleBuilding codes
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  • Stairscaping: A Guide to Buying, Remodeling, and Decorating Interior and Exterior Staircases (Quarry Book)

    Karton Kapak
    Staircases are an unavoidable design choice for any multilevel home. Because a staircase can set the entire tone for you house, it is imperative to find the style that suits you to a tee. Stairscaping, at once an idea book and a how-to-guide, brings you up close and personal with this indispensable piece of architecture, and shows you how to enhance your existing staircase to fit your style.This primer covers the worldwide evolution of residential staircases, including both classical and contemporary interior and exterior staircases, thorough well-researched, accessible text and detailed, designer photography. A full resource section provides information for staircase restoration, resource tools, and other helpful industry contacts.
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  • Songs of Praise: The Nation's Favourite Churches

    Sert Kapak
    This attractively-illustrated book tells the story of some of the nation’s most beautiful and interesting churches. Many of the churches in the book have been featured on the BBC's Songs of Praise, and Andrew Barr's gentle commentary focuses not only on the beauty of these buildings, but also looks at personal stories associated with them.
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  • Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong

    Sert Kapak
    Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong is a biography in the form of an art book. It tells the story of Armstrong's life through his writings, scrapbooks, and artworks, many of which have never been published before. Armstrong was the single greatest creative artist in the history of jazz and the American popular song. A true American original, he was prolific in coining colorful expressions that entered the lexicon; he wrote long, colorful prose pieces about his experiences; and he made hundreds of collages using marvelous photographs that capture archetypal scenes in the life of a jazz musician. Everything he did was an extension of his artistry. Satchmo is a vivid trip through American jazz at mid-century, to the beat of Armstrong's own jazzy words. The book also includes photographs of Armstrong and is framed by a text that describes his significance. It will be enjoyed not only by jazz fans but also by art lovers, who will welcome Armstrong into the pantheon of American visual artists. "The Revolution initiated by Gore Vidal with his Empire series is continued and modernized by Steven Brower in Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong. It is a Revolution that challenges the way in which history is told, read, and accepted...Most importantly, however, Satchmo reminds us that the book as an object is indispensable in a time when the fate of the printed book is very much debated."—Rami Shamir, Evergreen Review"Interspersed with vivid bursts of Armstrong’s own writings, what emerges is a portrait of such intimacy, it comes closest in the vast Armstrong bibliography to capturing the humble humanity and generosity of spirit of one of the great figures of the 20th century."—Stuart Nicholson, The Guardian"Satchmo…had a way with yet another instrument: a pair of scissors. Between sets, he snipped words and images from ads and greeting cards, letters, telegraphs, and photos of friends and fans, then pasted them into jazzy, colorful collages. Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong collects these elegant riffs by the most artful of improvisers"—O, The Oprah magazine "A beautifully illustrated new book. It combines an eloquently-written narrative about the trumpeter’s life and achievements with page after page of richly-detailed colour photographs depicting Armstrong’s tape box collages." (4 Stars)—Charles Waring, The Record Collector  "[Satchmo] perfectly complements and enhances the visual art of Louis Armstrong…a fascinating and handsome perspective on a particular aspect of the various talents with which Armstrong was blessed, one that had previously remained unexposed to the general public.  … a heartfelt tribute to the creative genius of Louis Armstrong."—Joe Lang, New Jersey Jazz Society "A beautiful book puts together hundreds of notebooks of collages never seen before by LA."—Paola Genone , L’Express 
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