Your Horse's Health Lameness
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Your Horse's Health Lameness

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This is a thorough examination of all causes of the most common and frustrating problem faced by horse owners: lameness.Lameness is the primary cause for a horse to be out of action and unrideable. Its cause can be difficult to diagnose and the problem can drag on for weeks, months or even years if the treatment is wrong.All horses are occasionally lame, from the regularly ridden and competed horse, to the pony left in the field and only ridden at weekends. Its causes are diverse and many, ranging from a simple bruised sole to difficult to treat tendon injuries and potentially fatal laminitis.All horse owners need to be able to assess lameness, even a small wound can result in the death of a horse if it leads to an infected joint. On the other hand you can ill afford to call out the vet everytime your horse stumbles and tweaks a muscle when out in the field.

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