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Complete Puppy Dog Care: What every dog owner needs to know

Bruce Fogle

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Whether you're buying a pedigree puppy or rescuing a crossbreed, in Complete Puppy amp; Dog Care, practising vet Dr Bruce Fogle tells you all you need to know to keep your dog happy. From which breed to choose, to tips for helping your dog bond with the family, as well as health advice and information on nutrition, training and playing, this book really has everything you need to know. In Complete Puppy Dog Care, Dr Bruce Fogle shares the benefit of his 40 years' clinical expertise. Find out how to make the most of your relationship with your dog and look after its health and wellbeing. Choose from the best breeds for a wide range of lifestyles from apartment dweller to allergy sufferer. Assess your dog's personality and ensure a stress-free homecoming for all the family. Solve all familiar and less common problems from dog training, to feeding, exercise, aggression and fearfulness. Packed with information, Complete Puppy Dog Care includes latest technology such as DNA testing for genetic predisposition to illness.



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