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English Grammar Exercises

Deniz Göktepe Salttürk

Blackswan Publishing House

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d vhy a Iot of teachers of English fek the need to write new books although there are a Jot of invaluable books on The Use of English around. Therelore, being only one of many ELT teachers, until recently I thought that any attempt to try to write anything on this subject would be a case of rcinvcnting the vheel. in other vords, I had never thought of publishing such a book until first some ol my students, then more of my students asked me tovrite dovn mv Icsson plan lor public use; put differently, they vvanted me to share vith a vidcr group ot learners what I present, and how I do it in class.

So, ds is hat this book is my lesson plan with the necessary supplementary material to consolidatc the related grammar points for the use of learners who would like to benerit ironi it. in other vords, the material in this book has been vised by my own sel t and adapted, compiled and edited with the permission the METU School ol Foreign Languages, Longman Publications and some a onvmotıs sources vhich I have not been able to trace although every endeavor has been made. This book is intended lor upper-intermediate learners of English who are pıcparing for Proficiency Examinations.

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