English Grammar for ÜDS, KPDS, YDS, TOEFL and


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This book aims at providing a variety of language material for intermediate and advanced learners of English who are preparing for KPDS, TOEFL and other proficiency exams. It can be used in a classroom context both as a general test book and a reference guide to teach grammar. However, it is mainly a self study book.

Main grammatical points are explained thoroughly and learners5 grammatical knowledge is tested through sample multiple-choice tests specially designed for reinforcing what has been taught. There is an answer key for each test at the end of each section.

The material in this book has been selected with great care and is based on a wide range of sources including newspapers, magazines, books from various fields (i.e. history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, medicine, economics, etc.), grammar books and dictionaries. A prominent part of the material has been tried on students of ELT at Hacettepe University.

The author of this book sends his thanks to Prof. Dr. Sevim SÖNMEZ, Prof. Dr. Mehmet DEMİREVEN, Prof. Dr. Cengiz TOSUN, Prof. Dr. Aysu ERDEN, Prof.Dr.Ahmet KOCAMAN, Prof.Dr. Neriman ERATALAY, Assist. Prof. Dr. Arif SARIÇOBAN, Res. Asst Sibel ARIOĞUL, Res. Asst.

Ismail Fırat ALTAY, Sibel VURAR and to his colleagues at English Preparatory School for their encouragement in his academic studies.

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