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Some events more than others have changed the pace and determined the direction that history has taken along its rugged path. Inconsistencies that are not always clearly evident occur much more frequently when the events of humanity speed up. Such was the case in the mid-twentieth century.

In fact, after World War II, several historical events overlapped; new political and military balances, decolonization, revolutionary technological advances, racial tensions, changes in the geographical economy, cultural and religious conflicts and unrelenting mass migrations.

This book is dedicated to precisely those key events in our time; it uses a rich array of iconography to retrace what were to be the points of no return, the developments that would suddenly change the lives of many human beings.

This book revisits the greatest events in recent history - from the Korean War that marked the beginning of the Cold War to the various revolutions of 1968, from conquering the moon to the birth of the internet, from the
introduction of the Euro to the meeting for denuclearization between President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Reliving the events makes it
easier to understand the reasons and the origins of many of the milestones of contemporary history.

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