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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

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Stoktan Teslim

“The pictures are really good. You can easily imagine just what the characters are like.” Ruby, 10

An escaped convict threatens to eat young Pip’s heart for breakfast. The ghostly Miss Havisham invites Pip to her eerie home. A mysterious benefactor makes him suddenly wealthy. Pip’s life will never be the same again.

Pride, humility, love, loyalty and shame compete for Pip’s emotions. Will his quest to become a gentleman enable him to melt the cold heart of the beautiful Estella, or will it destroy his happiness?

Pip’s tale is full of mystery and surprises. What is the nature of Miss Havisham’s interest in him? Why does Estella want to break his heart? Why does the dangerous convict return? Most importantly, who has given Pip his great expectations?

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Cilt Durumu : Ciltsiz
Basım Tarihi : 2017
Basım Yeri : Türkiye / Ankara
Boyutlar : 13,00 x 19,50 cm
Basım Dili : İngilizce
Kağıt Tipi : 1. Hamur
Sayfa Sayısı : 64
Barkod : 9789752564794

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Karen Donnelly