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At the crossroads between graphics, information and history there lies infographic: a type of narration that, in recent years, with the rapid growth of the web and its language, has undergone some interesting developments.
The idea of this book is to tell the visual story of rock through news, history, story and music links, figures, facts, happenings and sounds using graphics.

A sort of "family tree" is used to illustrate the history of different musical genres and their evolution, the influences and connections between styles. Using infographics, the reader has a clear, visual representation of the highlights of a musical adventure, a record, a celebrity, a season, etc., at a glance and with the speed that digital communications require, but also with the acuity of complete and thorough information. So, it is something to see that offers something to learn through something to play with.

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    23 x 26
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    2. Hamur
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  • Cep Boy
  • Barkod
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