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Little Dorrit

Charles Dickens

Wordsworth Classics

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Stoktan Teslim

Little Dorrit is a classic tale of improsonment, both literal and metaphorical, while dickens' working title for the novel, nobody's fault, highlights its concern with personal responsibility in private and puplic life.
Dicken's childhood experiences inform the vivid scenes in marshalsea deptor2s prison while his adult satirical picture of the circumlocution office. The novel's range of charecters- the honest, the crooked, the selfish and tehe self-denying - pffers a portrait of a society aboud whose values Dickens had profound doubds. Little Dorrit is indisputably one of dicken'finset works, written at the height od his powers. George Branerd Shaw called it 'a masterpiece among masterpieces', a verdict shared by the novel's many admirers.

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