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Events take place in England in the 19th century. A boy was born in a workhouse, whose mother died immediately after his birth. Thus Oliver Twist becomes a poor orphan in the workhouse. Hunger and cold never leave his side, and a kind word has never been spoken to him. In the workhouse, he endures abuse and mockery all the time. The heartlessness of people forces Oliver to escape the workhouse and to go to London in the search of better life. Unluckily, Oliver falls into the hands of criminals and have no other choice but help them with their robberies. All of a sudden, his life takes a new and an unexpected turn: respectful and kind people get on his way, and they do their best to solve the mystery of Oliver’s parents.

Twists and turns of fate, different people, unexpected coincidences and various dangers make Oliver stronger and more patient. After all his ordeals, Oliver’s kind heart, pure soul, and peaceful manner are not changed. Oliver wants to know the story of his parents very eagerly. But he has no idea how unbelievable this story can be…

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  • Kitap Özellikleri
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi
    1 / 2019
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  • Sayfa sayısı
  • Ağırlık
  • Boyutlar
    13 x 20
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    1. Hamur
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  • Cep Boy
  • Barkod
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