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Mary Lennox had a little face and a thin little body. She had big eyes with long brown hair. She was a beautiful girl but she didn’t look healthy. She used to live in India where a terrible disease had killed thousands of people.
Among the dead were Mary’s mother and father. At first she was a little bit sad but she didn’t miss them very much because she hardly knew them. Her father was working for the British Government and her mother didn’t spend enough time with her.
Instead of parents, Mary had many servants that took care of her. She only needed to ask people for whatever she needed. Mary grew up believing that everybody was her servant. Nobody was pleased with her because she was always angry. But things were going to change after her parents’ death…

Otto-Classics Graded Readers Series are outstanding classics written by famous writers. The language and vocabulary in the books are controlled and simplified by specialist ELT authors and compilers according to Common European Framework so that they can be easily understood by new learners of English. 
Depending on the eight levels from A1 to B2+, the longer stories are divided into a number of chapters and every chapter has its own activities. Some of the activities in the books are meant to be done in pairs. You may work with a partner to solve problems and design projects that reflect not only your own thinking but also new ideas you and your mates will discover by working in groups.

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