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A famous English scientist (the Time Traveller) tells his friends about his vision of time and space. Moreover, he shows them a model of his own time machine which he is going to use in the next few days. Despite his best intentions, his friends take his story entirely with a degree of scepticism. Nevertheless, the Time Traveller risks everything and travels through time into a very far future. Thus he goes to the year 802701 A.D. There he finds himself in an absolutely different England, which looks rather like a Utopia than his native place. He makes up his mind to stay in an unknown future for a while, so that to discover its inhabitants and new ways of life. In the course of time, the Time Traveller finds England and the whole human race in complete ruins. The people of the far future seem to have lost their intellect, ambition, and interest in art and science. That is more, the Time Traveller discovers two new human species: The Eloi the beautiful and weak human-like creatures, and the Morlocks – inhuman and cruel creatures who hate daylight and live underground for their whole lives. After facing many dangerous adventures in 802701 A.D., the Time Traveller travels forward in time with incredible speed. This time he finds himself 30 million years ahead in the future. To his great surprise, he realizes that the life on earth had disappeared fully and the sun had turned into a huge red giant… Will he ever come back home? Or will he continue his travelling back or forward in time? This choice is only up to the Time Traveller.

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  • Kitap Özellikleri
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi
    1 / 2019
  • Yayınlanma Sayısı
  • Sayfa sayısı
  • Ağırlık
  • Boyutlar
    13 x 20
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  • Kağıt Cinsi
    1. Hamur
  • Yayınlandığı Konum
  • Cep Boy
  • Barkod
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