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“Scientific people . . . know very well that Time is only a kind of Space.”

Step into a world of wonder and adventure as you join the brilliant inventor known only as the Time Traveller on a mind-bending journey through time itself.

Witness the breathtaking landscapes of the future, encounter strange and enigmatic beings, and grapple with the profound mysteries of existence.

H.G. Wells’ visionary masterpiece, The Time Machine, explores the depths of human curiosity, the fragility of civilization, and the boundless possibilities of the fourth dimension. Prepare to be transported to a future both awe-inspiring and terrifying in this seminal work that redefined the possibilities of science fiction.

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Ürün Özellikleri

  • Kitap Özellikleri
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi
    10 / 2023
  • Yayınlanma Sayısı
  • Sayfa sayısı
  • Ağırlık
  • Boyutlar
    13 x 19.5
  • Cilt Tipi
  • Kağıt Cinsi
    2. Hamur
  • Yayınlandığı Konum
  • Cep Boy
  • Barkod
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