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Time Traveller 2 Workbook + Online Games % 30indirim

Time Traveller 2 Workbook + Online Games

Alice Gibbons

Ahead Books

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Time Traveller is a 6-level primary course for young learners of English. With fun characters, engaging tasks, and a captivating on-going story, the series is sure to delight pupils and lay strong foundations for a positive relationship with learning English. It is perfect for general use or preparation for the Cambridge English: Starter test.


- Levels 1 & 2 cover the Cambridge English: Starters test syllabus.
- CEFR Level: Pre A1

In this Workbook you will find:

- fun, exciting activities to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar taught in each lesson.
- an optional Alphabet Starter section that focuses on teaching the alphabet, their sounds and reading. The Alphabet Starter combines teaching letters, capital and small, as well as global reading with words and pictures of words which are then recycled in the main Student’s Book. This section can be used before beginning the Student’s Book or alongside the phonics section of the Student’s Book in each unit.
- a My Projects section where students can do the projects from the Student’s Book and be able to take home and show their parents.
- a My Writing Corner section where students can do the writing tasks from the Student’s Book and be creative.
- an access code to our online gamifi ed learning world. The online games offer extra vocabulary, grammar and reading practice – all students’ online work can be tracked by the teacher.

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