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Turkish Cuisine In Historical Perspective % 30indirim

Turkish Cuisine In Historical Perspective

Deniz Gürsoy

Oğlak Yayıncılık

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Deniz Gürsoy commenced this study with the aim of examining how, over time, our food culture has undergone changes in the geography where ancestors formerly lived. He directed his attention to the foodstuffs, the fundamental components of the cuisine and then investigated the story of the food of the peoples who had occupied our geography before us. He examined regional influences and confined his research to the area delimited by the geographical frontiers.

Contents are as following:

# The Prehistoric Epoch
# Sumerians
# Ancient Egypt
# Ancient Greece
# Byzantine Empire
# Cultural Differences: East-West And North - South
# The Influence of Religion
# The Era of the Islamic States
# Turks in Asia
# The Anatolian Seldjukides
# The Ottoman Period
# The Ottoman Imperial Palace Kitchens
# Court Cuisine
# The Culinary Arts at the Ottoman Imperial Court
# Imperial Court Cuisine
# Fêtes At The Court
# At Home
# Islamic Pious Endowments: The Institutions of Caravansaries and Soup Kitchens
# The Armed Forces
# Cookshops, Eateries, And Food Venders
# Coffee and Coffeehouses
# Alcohol and Islam

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