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Türkiye as a Stabilizing Power in an Age of Turmoil

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More than three decades after the Cold War, international institutions are yet to cope with pressing problems, emerging challenges, and regional and international conflicts. Against the backdrop of an unraveling international order, deepening humanitarian crises, and an uptick in violence, Türkiye, under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s leadership, has advocated international cooperation to find solutions. At the same time, the country has adopted a more proactive foreign policy with an eye on ending long-standing international disputes whilst avoiding the trap of unilateralism.

Written by Türkiye’s communications director, Fahrettin Altun, this book engages in a concise yet detailed analysis of Turkish foreign policy within the context of civil wars, humanitarian tragedies, and the structural changes taking place in Türkiye’s neighborhood. Highlighting the historical origins of contemporary problems and the destabilizing effect of unresolved conflicts, the author provides valuable insights into Türkiye’s perspective on the situation in Cyprus, the Syrian civil war, the future of Iraq, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Arab Spring, and the Libyan conflict. Finally, Türkiye as a Stabilizing Power in an Age of Turmoil explains why the country has called for the reform of international organizations, such as the United Nations and NATO, and sheds light on the ways Türkiye has responded to fresh challenges, including the rise of populism and far-right extremism.     


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