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"The Saga of Water on Earth" published by WWF - Turkey, which has been working on projects for the protect on and sustainable use of water resources in Turkey, was prepared with a view to raising awareness about the value of water.

Published through the sponsorship of Garanti Bank, the book studies the existence of water on earth, one of the most important building blocks of the universe, from the past to the present. It assesses the relationship between man and water and questions the difficulties water is presently faced with. Studying the saga of water on earth, which is necessary for everyone and every living thing at all times, and accompanied by stunning photographs, the book reminds us of the global responsibility for addressing this common heritage urgently and with priority.

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  • Kitap Özellikleri
  • Yayınlanma Tarihi
    3 / 2015
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  • Sayfa sayısı
  • Ağırlık
  • Boyutlar
    14 x 20
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    2. Hamur
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  • Cep Boy
  • Barkod
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